Non-Destructive Test Service 

We Provide Non-Destructive Testing Service as bellow:

  1.   Magnetic Particle Testing (MT).

  2.   Penetrant Testing (PT).

  3.   Ultrasonic Testing (UT) and Wall Thickness Testing using crawler for storage tank.

  4.   Positive Material Identification.

  5.   Long-Range UT and Short-range UT.

  6.   Pulsed Eddy current for corrosion under insulation.

  7.   Tubing inspection (ECT, NFT, MFL, RFT, IRIS, ECA and APR Technology).

  8.   Phassed Array & TOFD.

  9.   High Temperature Hydrogen Attack (HTHA).

  10.   Magnetic Flux Leakage ( MFL for bottom scanning ).

  11.   Advance Visual Inspection use Drone ( UAV ) in-lieu rope access.

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