Together with our partner LifeTech Engineering. LTD from United Kingdom, We performed RBI Service covering area in Indonesia, Singapore, Vietnam, Malaysia and Thailand.

As a leading of inspection company and our inspector engineer experience with in this service we believed we support our client for RBI service and also full supported by our partner and their software RBLX Software.


Tiga Sekawan Enjiniring Approach

Risk-Based Inspection (RBI) is a methodology that involves quantitative assessment of the probability of failure and the consequence of failure associated with each equipment item in an operation. An RBI program places individual pieces of equipment into specific categories based on their risks and prioritizes inspection efforts based on this categorization.

RBI is used to identify and understand incumbent risk drivers and therefore prioritize inspection-related activities. By taking a prioritized approach more focus can be given to high risk equipment and less focus to low risk equipment thereby increasing overall reliability and reducing costs both in terms of NDT inspection and also in potential equipment failures. An RBI inspection plan outlines the type and schedule of inspection for the assets in a production facility.

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An RBI inspection program should be enhanced with the use of specialised software used to help with collecting and analysing data in order to predict corrosion and damage patterns and then adjust inspection regimes in response to those findings.

Tiga Sekawan Enjiniring has many years of experience in providing Risk Based Inspection programs integrated with Tiga Sekawan Enjiniring inspection analysis software and inspection database programs.

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Leverage Our Experience and Expertise, Our highly-skilled and experienced engineers ensure the safe operation of your assets through a comprehensive range of service offerings. We provide reliable Risk Based inspection solutions that enable you to bring currently unused assets back into service.

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Our comprehensive suite of services enables us to view our customer’s operation in its entirety and offer holistic solutions across the entire business lifecycle, whichever industry they operate in. We provide solutions from the onset of planning and design, during manufacturing and construction, and throughout operation and optimisation right up to decommissioning.



With an extensive network of multidisciplinary experts is our key success, we are ready to support our customers’ safety and sustainability needs wherever they do business. We partner our customers to access global markets effectively by providing them with one-stop solutions backed by our affiliates in Asia, Europe, the Americas, the Middle East and Africa.

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We add tangible benefits to businesses, enable access to global markets and manage risks by providing testing and certification, knowledge services, inspection and engineering solution. We offer our solutions across customer segments: Chemical industry, Oil and gas industry, Pulp and paper, Palm oil industry , Energy, Healthcare industry, and railway industry.