Tiga Sekawan Enjiniring Inspection Services employs over 15 API certified inspection experts covering Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand is perfectly positioned to offer API 579 Fitness for services.


Tiga Sekawan Enjiniring Approach

API 579 is a quantitative engineering evaluation to determine if an in-service piece of equipment is safe and Reliable to operate at specific conditions during a determined time.

Fitness for Service is needed when:

  • An asset lacks original design information or it may have exceeded its useful life.
  • Assets with age more 25 years, equipment operate at relatively low temperature – exposed to self-refrigeration
  • Decommissioned asset that may be used in a different service
  • Equipment operating in either high temperature and/or cyclic Service
  • Assets that have undergone any event that might have affected its serviceability like: temperature excursions, overloads, different feed/external environment or a fire.
  • Inspection findings revealed a condition that may impact the future operation of the asset, such as metal loss, distortion (misalignment, out of roundness, bulges or dents), laminations, cracking or blisters.

Tiga Sekawan Enjiniring uses the diversity of its qualified, certified and multidiscipline workforce to deliver Fitness for Service programs across all assets and operations.

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Leverage Our Experience and Expertise, Our highly-skilled and experienced engineers ensure the safe operation of your assets through a comprehensive range of service offerings. We provide reliable Risk Based inspection solutions that enable you to bring currently unused assets back into service.

Why choose Tiga Sekawan Enjiniring.



Our comprehensive suite of services enables us to view our customer’s operation in its entirety and offer holistic solutions across the entire business lifecycle, whichever industry they operate in. We provide solutions from the onset of planning and design, during manufacturing and construction, and throughout operation and optimisation right up to decommissioning.



With an extensive network of multidisciplinary experts is our key success, we are ready to support our customers’ safety and sustainability needs wherever they do business. We partner our customers to access global markets effectively by providing them with one-stop solutions backed by our affiliates in Asia, Europe, the Americas, the Middle East and Africa.

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We add tangible benefits to businesses, enable access to global markets and manage risks by providing testing and certification, knowledge services, inspection and engineering solution. We offer our solutions across customer segments: Chemical industry, Oil and gas industry, Pulp and paper, Palm oil industry , Energy, Healthcare industry, and railway industry.