Dear Our Customer.

Our commitment is to understanding and meet with your requirement to serve your Company.

We have served the global industry to providing world-class services such as Engineering service

(RBI, RCM,design calculation,re-engineering) | Inspection | NDT (Conventional & Advance) | Expediting |

Third Party Inspection | Pre-Shipment Inspection | Project Management | QA/QC worldwide | Consulting |

Commodities | Training | Technical Staffing.

Utilizing services such as these help you to ensure the quality of your product, process and assets, all the while minimizing risk that could be impact to personnel safety and the environment.

TSE (Tiga Sekawan Enjiniring) to become worldwide partner on Engineering, Inspection, Consulting, Expediting, Verification, Testing and Certification Company. We aim to provide the most competitive and the most productive to serve you.

As your technical service partner, we can promise you global access to experience, expertise and innovation that’s second to none.

Thank you.

Mrs. Renni Sitinjak, SE

Managing Director